So, we have been running this joint blog for almost a full calendar month now and we have definitely enjoyed ourselves thus far. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has read our articles and thrilled with everyone who has commented. Getting discussions going is what this is all about.

You may have spotted that we now have both a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get updates as soon as new material is posted. And of course, please use these mediums to put forth your own opinions on our topics and let us know what you think. In fact, if you see something you think we ought to be paying attention to please give us a shout and we’ll take all suggestions on board.

As of March we have an exciting (well, we’re excited) new schedule to announce. Our article posts will be moving to new days (Thursday for Alison and Saturday for Charli) and there will be more new content in other days as we begin to fill up the week.

Alison will be turning a critical eye onto everything and anything that she discovers and will be penning what we like to call Tuesday Reviewsday.

Charli will be starting a new venture of profiling people on a Wednesday and raising awareness for causes she believes in.

Together we will be showing off and hopefully learning new skills in the kitchen as we alternate the weeks in Cookery Corner on a Sunday.

With these new changes we hope to expand our blog to be more interesting and varied with a little something for everyone. We have more changes lined up to roll out in April so stay tuned to see what we add to our rapidly fuller weeks next!

Alison and Charli