About Us

Who are we? What’s all this about?

Very good questions, and you’ve certainly come to the right place by clicking on the ‘About Us’ link. This is looking promising.

“Who are we? We are we. We have always been we. Sometimes we are us. (Grammatically, it’s just a fact)”
–Girls in Pants; the Third Summer of the Sisterhood, Ann Brashares

So… Who are we… We are Alison and Charli. Cousins, best friends and fellow writers. We met in August of 1985, aged 4 and 0 months of age. Time has passed, we have traced our paths over land and sea and have grown both taller and wiser.

What this is all about is really rather simple. As two rather opinionated young women, we have honed our skills of arguing, debating and outright ranting. Over the years we have gone from furtive midnight phonecalls in hysterics over some truly amazing fanfiction when we were each living with our parents, to more recent late nights sitting on a sofa debating ethics, or meeting via Skype to discuss the episode of a tv show we have just finished watching. There is no subject we won’t cover; books, tv shows, video games, work politics, real life politics, religion, equality, mental health. We’ve reached a point of natural progression in this virtual world that it made sense to branch out to include an internet audience.

That’s where you come in. We intend on presenting you with a wide variety of content and we really would like to know what your thoughts are on the matter.  Opinions are wonderful, but they need to be challenged in order to be given some weight. We’ve called this blog ‘Gavel! Discuss…’ because we are going to aim to present a statement which we see as fact (it helps if you imagine we’re courtroom drama judges with little wooden gavels!) and hopefully in the comments the discussions can start… Et voila – we’re all challenging our pre-formed opinions and either strengthening our positions, or we’re accepting/exploring viable alternatives…


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