Cookery Corner : Biscuit Bowls

After being somewhat disappointed with the aesthetics of my last Cookery Corner, I decided to up my game a little this time round. I’d heard tales of the mythical cookie bowl on the internet (mainly Pinterest, which I occasionally dip into for inspiration) and I had heard tales of how dramatically they could go wrong. So I set myself the challenge to make them. More than that, I set myself the challenge to make them for my mum and step-dad; so if it all went wrong I’d have witnesses to my failure. Nothing like a bit of pressure!
I decided making cookie bowls by themselves wouldn’t really work. What’s the point of a bowl without there being something in it? So I dug out a simple recipe for hot fudge sauce and decided to drench some raspberries in that as a filling.

Here’s how it went…

150g butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 cups flour
*see below for necessary amendments.
1/2 cup butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1 can condensed milk

And so, full of trepidation, I began…

It all started off relatively well. I combined butter and sugar in a bowl. Can’t go wrong with butter and sugar. As the two ingredients combined I let out a small sigh of relief. All well so far.

Sugar and butter, totally healthy stuff.

Sugar and butter, totally healthy stuff.

Next up; an egg and some vanilla essence. Everything’s still looking like biscuit mix, so I’m happy. I remember that I’m supposed to preheat the oven to 190C, so I do that.

Gotta love an electric mixer!

Gotta love an electric mixer!

Then… well, I’m not sure what went wrong; the recipe I was working from demanded 3 cups of flour, so I measured out 3 cups worth and ended up with a big pile of flour completely swamping the nice wet eggy mix. It wasn’t dough; not even a little bit. In a desperate bid to salvage the situation I added another egg and a smidgeon of butter and everything came back together cookie-dough-like. I should have added a little more sugar here, to balance out the flour excess. I would recommend anyone following this to cut out a fair bit of the flour, or to double up on all the other ingredients!!!
So eventually, once the dough was recovered from the brink of disaster, I managed to roll it out as so;

If you're going for the rustic look, just bash it wirh a rolling pin!

If you’re going for the rustic look, just bash it with a rolling pin!

To make the discs of cookie dough needed for your cookie bowls, I used a pint glass as a cookie cutter. Large round cutters/scone cutters would work just as well.

Don't have a cookie cutter? Don't worry!

Don’t have a cookie cutter? Don’t worry!

At this point I took a gander at my evening’s cooking companion – an ex trainee guard dog (fired for being too cute) Bronte was eagerly on the look out for any dropped foodstuffs.

My kitchen companion

My kitchen companion

I laid each disc on the back of a muffin tin, with a small square of baking paper between the two because I was that paranoid the dough would stick (this is what looking at pictures of cooking fails does to you – I was certain it would all go wrong!)

rustic biscuit bowls

Rather rustic biscuit bowls…

10 (ish) minutes in the oven was pretty much all the time I needed to make the hot fudge sauce, which is the easiest thing in the world;
Melt the butter

melt the butter

probably ought to have melted it on a lower temperature; foam isn’t a great sign!

Add in the chocolate chips

melt that chocolate... slowly... not too hot...

melt that chocolate… slowly… not too hot…

Then a can of condensed milk and you’re done. Just make sure you stir it a lot, and decant into a serving jug before the chocolate burns. Which is totally what happened to me. 😦

Swirl in the condensed milk, and keep stirring.

Swirl in the condensed milk, and keep stirring.

By this point, your cookie bowls should be just turning golden, and thus be ready to remove from the oven. This is the moment of truth…

Look! They didn't explode!

Look! They didn’t explode!

Et voila! Ok, so I probably should have used plain flour rather than self-raising, but they look alright, eh?
They released from the pan really easily, so I just had to peel off the unneeded baking paper and serve with a handful of raspberries and a splodge of (slightly burnt) sauce.

The sauce is quite sweet so 1 would be enough for after dinner. 2's a bit decadent.

The sauce is quite sweet so 1 would be enough for after dinner. 2’s a bit decadent.

Artfully posed

Artfully posed


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ariane
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 20:56:18

    Wow! Well done you! They remind me of strawberry tarts…. nom….


    • Alison
      Mar 25, 2013 @ 22:38:59

      Thanks! They were actually surprisingly easy to make. I’m thinking they would be really nice with strawberries and cream as an alternative to the raspberries and choccie sauce.


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