Salmon with a lemon & dill dressing

As a singleton who really ought to diet in order to get my BMI down to more reasonable levels, I have a difficult relationship with food. Difficult in that I do love to cook, and I really do love to eat, and then I look at my expanding waistline and grimace. I’ve tried numerous diets, and each one just makes me that little bit more miserable; eating less food leaves me grumpy and irritable – like a teenager being scolded for something they don’t particularly believe was scold-worthy. To me a diet is akin to punishment. So I quit dieting. (The theory is that I replace dieting with some form of exercise… I’m still working on that one…)

Anyhoo, the point I’m making is that the recipes I offer you every other Sunday will not be lean cuisine. There will be baking. There will be cheese. There will be chocolate. There will be stodge. Not all at once, though. I’m not THAT bad! I’m particularly terrible at portion control, and I do occasionally cheat and buy something slightly ready made. I’ll admit to this if it happens – I will aim to be as truthful as my foods are calorific!

That said, I’m starting with something almost healthy…

Grilled salmon with a lemon and dill drizzle, served on a bed of rice

I’ve wanted to cook this dish for a while now. It’s something I used to cook quite often in my uni days, but apparently forgot all about in the days since. There’s nothing all that fancy about it; just some salmon and some rice. The only bit that I really had to look up was the sauce, and that turned out to be very simple too.

Salmon Fillet
Basmati Rice (or any rice, I prefer Basmati as it doesn’t go quite as gooey as the long-grain stuff if you accidentally over-cook it.)
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp (fresh would be good, but I only had the bottled type… left over from pancake day!)
Flour – 4 tsp
Butter – 2 tbsp
Milk – 175ml
Dill (not in the recipe I’m adapting/stealing, but it made sense)
Vegetables of your choice – I would recommend brocolli, but as I managed to forget to pick any veg up for this cooking experience, please feel free to imagine it into my finished result!

I only have one hob, so am using microwave-rice; please use the regular dry stuff if you prefer.

Cooking ingredients


So, I’m starting by grilling my salmon on my 10-year old George Foreman grill. I’m not hot on timings, so I’m grilling it until it’s pale all the way through.

Salmon on the grill

Salmon – whilst cooking

In the meantime I’m making my sauce. I’m using a frying pan just to make it easier to photograph!

First in is the butter – 2 tablespoons; on a medium heat until it melts.

Then 4 teaspoons of flour join it, and they’re whisked together to make a smooth paste.

Butter & Flour

Add the flour to the butter

Slowly add the milk and bring the mix to a boil, stirring throughout.

lemon and dill sauce

Add the milk

Cook until thickened, then add in the lemon juice, dill and any seasoning you might like (I’m going for a pinch of salt).

lemon and dill sauce

Simmering away

Serving suggestion: a bed of rice, topped with salmon, and (imaginary) brocolli, and drenched in lemon sauce.

This recipe, as I’ve made it today, but with the added brocolli, should have served two.

Et voila:

salmon with lemon and dill sauce

Need to work on my food photography! It tasted much better than it looks!

p.s. if you cook the sauce a little too long, because you’re faffing about with a camera, it might split… hence the slight yellow sheen.

And that’s how to cook Grilled salmon with a lemon and dill drizzle, served on a bed of rice… Sort of…


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